Our Top 5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiring Furniture for your Wedding!

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Over the last 8 years, we’ve been lucky enough to work with countless couples on hundreds of beautiful weddings. From marquee celebrations to beachfront cocktail parties, we’ve well and truly seen it all - which also means, we have some serious words of wisdom when it comes to all things furniture hire!

If you’ve never planned a big event, it can be tricky knowing where to start and what situations to prepare for. It’s so important to consider both the visual AND functional elements of your day, in order to pull off a seamless wedding.

We love helping couples navigate their way through the process of hiring furniture and decking out their day. So if you’re currently engaged, keep reading for our top 5 furniture hire tips to keep in mind for your upcoming celebration!

Photo by    Figtree Pictures   , Styled by    The Events Lounge
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  1. Book your priority items asap

It’s important to remember that wedding season gets extremely busy with weekend bookings, and calendars do fill up quickly for industry suppliers. Every week we have truckloads of furniture heading out to beautiful venues, from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and beyond. For this reason, we always recommend booking in your priority items as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Your priority items will be those essential pieces like dining tables and chairs (if you’re planning a sit-down reception), or cocktail furniture like dry bars, lounge packages and stools (if you’re planning a cocktail reception), along with any one-of-a-kind statement pieces that you don’t want to miss out on, like specialty backdrops, arbours or drink stations. You can then add your smaller items like textiles, tableware and other decor along the way as your plans come together. You can check out our complete furniture hire timeline right here to get started!

Photo by    Pineapple Images    / Styled by    Ivy & Bleu Events

Photo by Pineapple Images / Styled by Ivy & Bleu Events

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2. Have a wet weather plan

Outdoor weddings are always stunning, but remember: the weather is unpredictable! A wet-weather plan is absolutely crucial to avoid any last-minute stress on the morning of your wedding. Before hiring furniture for your big day, take a moment to think about your Plan B in the event of rain, wind or wild weather.

If you don’t have an indoor space to fall back on, hiring a marquee, tent or tipi for your wedding is one simple solution to give you peace of mind for a rainy day. With so many modern structures now available, a clear marquee or dreamy tent can still give you that beautiful open-air feeling underneath the stars. You can check out our top tips for planning a marquee wedding right here.

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3. Create a furniture hire checklist to avoid missing items

With so much to think about in the lead up to your wedding, it can be easy to forget about certain items when creating your furniture hire list. We’ve had plenty of last-minute phone calls for overlooked items like napkins, entree cutlery, dessert spoons, signing tables and extra chairs. While we can definitely assist with last-minute additions, we also recommend creating a hire checklist to avoid those missing items in the first place.

The best way to do this is by going through each area of your day and make a detailed checklist of the items you’ll need to hire, from your ceremony right through to your reception. We’ve created a super helpful furniture hire checklist that you can go through and customise to suit your own individual requirements. This way, you can tick off each item as you go and feel comfortable knowing that everything has been taken care of!

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4. Define your overall style first

It can be so easy to get carried away choosing furniture and decor without first stopping to think about the overall style you want to achieve! To create a cohesive setting, it’s important to consider the look and feel you want to create at your wedding, and then choose pieces that will work together harmoniously to bring this to life.

Whether it’s bohemian luxe, fun and tropical, or refined elegance, think about your dream wedding style and then find pieces that complement this. We’re huge fans of creating mood boards and sourcing inspiration across Pinterest, Instagram and wedding blogs to narrow down your vision. From there, you can identify the kind of colour scheme and furniture styles that will work best. You can check out our top tips for finding your wedding style right here.

Or, if you’re still feeling stuck when it comes to choosing furniture that best fits your theme, consider our final tip…

Photo by    Jimmy Raper    / Styled by    Fleur & Threads

Photo by Jimmy Raper / Styled by Fleur & Threads

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5. Ask the experts

Let’s be honest - planning a wedding can be hard work! So why not ask the experts to help make the process easier?

We love talking through concepts and furniture plans with our couples, and can make recommendations to suit whatever vision you have in mind! From furniture and decor pairings like choosing the right dining table and chair combo, through to suggested quantities of furniture for a cocktail wedding… this is what we do for a living, and there are no questions too big or too small ;)

If you’re currently in the process of hiring furniture for your wedding and finding it a little overwhelming, simply keep the above tips in mind to avoid any last-minute dramas whilst still creating a beautifully styled celebration.

To get started with your wedding furniture hire, get in touch for a copy of our latest hire catalogue. You can also find more planning tips and styling inspiration through our latest blogs below!